How do I create a popup system message?

Popup alerts are modal windows that users see upon logging into the system. These popups may be temporarily or permanently dismissed by the user. The content of these alerts allow for rich HTML content/formatting.

Go to PA System.

Image of the PA System button

Select the PA System tool from the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace.

Click Create Popup.

Enter the popup information.

  1. Description: This is the description of your popup message as shown in the PA System message list.
  2. Template: Click Browse to locate and select the file containing your popup message content. (Note: Several sample templates are provided for you if you click Download Templates from the PA System landing page.)
  3. Start Time: This is the time and date when your popup will be visible to users.
  4. End Time: This is the time and date when you popup will no longer be available to users.
  5. Distribution: You may choose to Show this campaign to everyone or Show this campaign to selected users. If you choose selected users, you may enter the comma separated userids for selected users in the text field below.
  6. Click Save Popup to save your changes.

View the popup message.

When active, the popup message will display to users as shown in the image above.

Admin users may also click the Preview button to preview a popup message.